Immutable Order and keybinding

Since order of skills on bar now matters sometimes, let us change right mouse button action. Even changing it manually through LE configs in windows registry shows that default RMB action is coded slightly differently (no interruption if you pressed another skill button after changing RMB to another skill on bar).

Edit: Actually interrupting works fine, it doesn’t work with Runic Invocation, if you hold any skill except last one.

Not quite sure what you mean by that.

Sry, my english isn’t that good :slight_smile: I meant that currently RMB can be bound only to this action, which is last skill slot on character skill panel.

But since Immutable Order gives runes depending on skill element, it may be more optimal to change spamming skill (usually one that is bound to RMB) to 1st, 2nd or 3rd slot on skill panel, which is currently impossible (and works slightly wrong, if changed manually by editing game configs).
Edit: Yes, you can use literally any other button, but another issue is that only last skill slot is coded to be interrupted when player presses other skill buttons (so you don’t have to release RMB to cast other skills).

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