Immortal Citadel Unreachable

Impassable terrain prevents access to Immortal Citadel. This may be a tileset issue because there seem to have been other scenarios where normally passable terrain was obstructed.

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Could you post a screenshot to show the devs where the issue lies (ideally with the mini map)? I ran several characters through this without any issue. is your friend if you can’t upload the image to the forum.

Edit: they are aware of this and are working on a fix:

The fix for this is now out on Steam for Windows and will be on the Standalone client and Linux as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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I had the same issue and came here to report. Happy to see Steam is making me download a patch for it before I can play again. Not actually going to play now as I trust it’s fixed but I’ll let you know if it’s not!

Anyway, to the devs, thanks for the quick response! You guys are awesome.

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