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Immersive multiplayer (hub)


I’m going to be a backer on kickstarter but I’m trying to decide which level, designing an in game item would be fun.

My question is, myself and probably alot of players here play PoE and one of the great things about PoE which is unique in the Action RPG genre is the concept of towns and hubs where you can interact with other players.

Contrast this with grim dawn or diablo style where you get paired up with small amounts of players in your instance only, it’s a very different experience.

I personally enjoy seeing lots of other players around, it’s comforting to be playing online and see what others look like, chat, trade, interact, group, inspect, and to see the buzz of activity in these player towns or “hubs”.

So what is your vision for multiplayer in this game? Diablo style or PoE style, or something else?

Hi there!

I think the main distinction here is the monetisation model. Path of Exile sells cosmetic MTX so wants their players to advertise these. As Last Epoch will be B2P for initial release, but rely on cosmetic MTX for post-launch development, we’ll be likewise grouping online players together.

Apologies if this answer is… blunt. I believe in being honest rather than sugarcoating things.

In order to get the most of Cosmetic items purchase is to have a Online city where you can show off your items like @grimnok said, like path of exile and if you venture outside you either go offline solo play or with a party.

Grim dawn systems is very poor in terms of that because at most only your party members will see those cosmetic items but ofc beside their limited cosmetic they dont have a store.

I also played Marvel Heroes which shutdown recently and their politic was to have everything online which it turn out to not be that good because when the company died the game also died.

I think that if you go for the same path as Grim Dawn and it seems that way, Online when you want, Offline when you want, the game won’t have as much success as Path of Exile has. Some people like having both online and offline at their hands at the same moment.

Each character will be online-only or offline-only.

Online players will be grouped into a large town, not unlike Path of Exile’s outposts.

i love the idea of offline or online only characters. what would be your policy for character editing to test builds? would you condone this? although if it is truly offline only then there would be no way to manage such a thing. just curious about tour stand point on the topic.

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