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When the game is optimized to the point that it does not feel like we are farming bitcoin in the background. I live in the southern hemisphere so I may need to invest in a heater is my pc was not cooking the winter out of my room. k3k

Its not great but its not THAT bad…

There are ways to get the game working better… just post your system info and in-game settings and I am sure there are few of us who could make suggestions…

My pc is well over spec i7-900f 16gb fast ram 2070 super,
it is bad

Our definition of bad is obviously different.

It all depends - if you are trying to run the game on your hardware with Ultra settings at 4k and expecting 120fps, then yes… its probably going to seem bad…

@Llama8 (well known community tester on the forums) has a 2070 super with an AMD 3800xt, 32gb and plays at max settings @ 1440. For him the performance is fine.

I run an old i5-7500 with a 1060 & 16gb ram and I can play at 1080p on Medium settings with 50-60fps 90% of the time… I usually play on lower quality settings for more performance/stability but I think its perfectly fine…

You have to remember, the game is in beta and the devs havent dedicated time/resources to improving performance issues yet - I figure its because there is no point in fixing performance on features/content that might be changed/removed and there is still plenty to do with things like Multiplayer coming…

I was about to say something. :slight_smile:
The i7-9700f appears to be comparable to my 3800xt so the main difference between mine & DoubleDribble’s systems is mine having 32 gig of ram.

Assuming Intel processors don’t have a worse time with LE than AMD.

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running high and 1080.

Not much of a talker are you?

If you are using High settings in 1080p - you should have perfectly fine FPS - in fact, I’d guess it at or over 100fps in most situations barring the known issues of high mob/minion density & certain partical effects. Even then I figure you should still be in the 80-90s with your 2070S

if its not then you have something fishy going on with your system…

was not talking about fps issues was talking about pc heating my room up :smiley: and making strenuous sounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you limiting the FPS?

If you dont limit the FPS then LE will max out the GPU usage and flatline at 100% for no apparent reason… You would not “see/feel” it during play very easily but that would defintiely explain the overheating/fan noise/possible coil whine.

A simple approach is to just add an fps limit to match your monitors capability - I prefer frame limiting over vsync as it gives you more control.

A more complicated approach is to monitor your GPU usage and implement a FPS limit where your GPU usage is around 60-70% with your character just standing in town doing nothing - this leaves headroom for busy in-play moments for your GPU to ramp up as needed without flatlining at max all the time. This approach is hardware dependent re the in-game settings vs preferred fps vs usage headroom - i.e. you need to find the sweet spot that works for your individual setup.

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