I'm sad to post this

First time running into a bug that wasn’t the direct cause of things such as server/code problems everyone is getting or issues I’m responsible for such as mod load orders etc.
Getting this screen after I tp out of a completed echo … and of course the three times today it’s happened had to be on set/unique item rewards :frowning:
Sorry if this has been posted and responded to already. I was busy all day driving back to Ohio for work and just got home to play. https://i.postimg.cc/Jz6h43Tz/LE-tp-after-echo-bug.png

If you wait around 10-20 minutes, the terrain sometimes randomly reappears and then you get an infinite loading screen when you try to start an echo or waypoint. I found this off after the 5th time it happened to us and I went AFK for about 10+ minutes, terrain popped back at some point while our party sat there taking a break heh…