I'm done for this season

After solid 400 hours of grinding in CoF and reaching 900 corruption with my Marksman, along with Necro, lock, druid and Lich all 100s. I can say game is very solid when it comes to crafting, skills, monster types etc… 1 thing that doesent make sense to me, I dont know if its intentional or bugged or rigged tbh, is… Whenever I grind high corruption with 800% rarity of items modifiers I never get RARE or QUALITY loot, its just MORE loot. more TRASh to be specific. I dont know if its intended or bugged, all the build defining items i got are from differenct characters. What I mean by that is I got my 2 daggers for my marksman while palying my Necromancer at lvl 70-80lvlish and vice versa. Once i start gridning for gear on my highest lvl corruption char, I get SHIT for hours and hours. They really need to check whats going on there, 400 hours is not a small test margin.

Hope yall having fun and see you next season

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