Ignore keyboard/mouse input when gameclient not focused

Can all keyboard and mouse input be ignored when game client isn’t even focused? Like i’m typing on twitch chat for example and press ESC to close a popup, the game just detects that input and closes whatever was open. It shouldn’t register input at all when not focused as its non of its business.

Hell, We don’t even know if its keylogging inputs…

Suffered the same irritation to the point where I now try not to change focus to something else while playing LE. Not a solution, but it saves me wanting to throw something at the screen.

If you’re not streaming or require the game being rendered in the background for other reasons you could set display mode to exclusive fullscreen instead. In that mode the game doesn’t register any input when it is out of focus.

sounds like a very bad idea for multi monitor users… Especially if both monitor uses different resolution. This idea of yours will cause the other monitor to re-scale to bigger/smaller size and even possibly move your icons around etc.

Instead, they should just only accept input when game is focused (be it windowed/full screen borderless mode). To me as a dev, it sounds like a simple check. Is this (game) process Focused, then listen to inputs.

I use multi monitor setup so it aint ideal to go that route. I dont stream etc, but I like to have other things active to distract me from mindless farming sessions and the input issue is irritating. Its not impossible to work around, but can be annoying.

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