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Ignivar's Head Question

So I’m using Ignivar’s Head on my disintegrate build, the item says : ‘‘Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance’’, I have 539% spell crit chance for now I’m only lv 50 lol , I tested it and the damage is higher than before but the dps tooltip says only 6k dps but I’m doing way more than 6k dps, is this a bug or is there a cap to this extra damage? There is nothing mentioning a crit cap or extra damage cap, I’m confused, this dps tooltip is just false in many ways.

There isn’t one, don’t worry about it too much.

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Ok thanks but it should show the dps difference on the tooltip

Please correct me if I’m wrong Llama, but I always thought that “Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance” means that there is in fact a cap.

The advanced tooltip says: “If you have 40% spell crit chance Disintegrate deals 40% more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers)”

This would mean the cap is 100% more damage. But then again I think you can “overcap” crit in this game iirc. This would of course mean it does not have a cap. Most builds I know that use Ignivar’s Head also use Gambler’s Fallacy but that might just because it saves A LOT of points and affixes that would need to go into increased crit chance. That way you are way more flexible with your equipment. But as I said, I’m not some Ignivar expert.

This specific itneraction does not have a cap, as Llama already stated.

Because you can have more than 100% crit chance in LE, but outside of this specific interaction there is no reason to go beyond 100% crit.

This interaction already exists since that Unique got implemented.

Crit chance can go way above 100%, it’s just that for virtually all other builds, above 100% is pointless.

Yeah it’s broken I have 597% crit right now and I’m only lv 53 I’m putting as much crit as I can, Gambler’s Fallacy multiply the crit chance by a lot but I don’t think it’s thaaaat broken because Disintegrate is an useless skill without this unique, yesterday I was watching Perry the Pig doing 500k damage per second just walking using Swarm Strike there are too many broken mechanics in this game.

Disentegrator was actually one of my first characters and pretty fun until they nerfed the double damage reduction from Galvanized Defense. But even then I didn’t feel like it was OP.
I personally would love to see Disintegrate have a node or item to turn it into a “charged” skill, but they probably won’t do that as it would be too similar to Divine Ire from PoE.

Yeah so I remembered correctly, but as you two said, useless for any other build.
I’m pretty sure crit avoidance is a flat chance to not receive a crit and enemies don’t have any kind of curse or ability to reduce your crit chance. I might be wrong tho.
Also, there are no multicrits in this game so yeah.

Just out of curiosity, do you actually have 597% crit chance or 597% increased critical strike chance? I don’t know how Gambler’s Fallacy exactly works, if it adds 100% chance or if it is multiplicative with your current chance.
I would guess it’s the latter but I’ll just try it myself. :wink:

Edit: Okay it seems like it adds to the base crit chance or something like that. :open_mouth:

It’s multiplicative and by a lot I`m at 728% spell crit chance, it’s actually 728 not increased, it’s ridiculous you melt everything, with investment you can go beyond 1000% spell crit I’m afraid they’re gonna change this in the future because reasons, channelling skills are my favorite warpath is my favorite and then disintegrate I’ve tried disintegrate a lot of times but it never did damage but now with this build I’m melting everything. I think they could make a rework on disintegrate without changing the best nodes like twinbeans and the tier 2 and 3.

I’d love to hear how your build will do in empowered monos because mine was really starting to struggle there back then. Disintegration is one of my favourite skills, I mean who doesn’t love BEAMS? Also probably my first char I got over lvl90 so I would appreciate a good Disintegrate build. :slight_smile:

No, crit avoidance is a multiplier to the chance to be crit. So if you have 100% crit avoidance, you can’t be crit. However, the mobs having crit avoidance (& there are some mono modifiers that give them that) doesn’t affect this particular build since it’s using your crit chance to calculate a damage buff for Disintegrate. Since Disintegrate has the DoT tag, it can’t crit mobs so them having crit avoidance is a non-issue for Disintegrate stacking crit.

Yes, this is actually how all the crit stuff works. its kinda badly programmed imo, but is what it is.

For example gamblers fallacy gives you +100% base crit chance when its “active” this can then be scaled by %increased crit for huge damage gains on this build.

And when gamblers fallacy is “off” you have 50% less crit chance, this applys even to things that would seem to be set in stone, For example there is the ever popular voidcleave erasing strike build. I thought “huhuhuhuh why not use gamblers so that your VC always crits before the ES, and have a 4 second combo cd” turns out that “Erasing strike always crits” is actually +100% base crit, which means if you dont invest in crit, gamblers fallacy actually turns off that “Always crits”

Gamblers fallacy is an interesting item held back by bad programming imo.

Why is that badly programmed? The 50% less crit chance bit is multiplying your normal crit chance by 50% just like any other more/less modifier.

Yes, that would be one way of doing it, another would reworking the “always crits” to be a toggle/flag that overrides the normal crit chance calc.

I’d assume that when they were coding the “always crits” nodes they thought the easiest way would be to just add 100% base crit rather than have something that “diverts” the crit calc down a different path.

But then it would not count as a crit and thus not working together with a bunch of other interactions that have conditions based on applying critical strikes.

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