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Ignivar's Head item bug (Includes a bug for the Aura of Fire and the Focus spell)

Hello everyone, me again! Are you tired of waiting?

The Ignivar’s Head item bug will now be described.
First, let’s see its description:

Ignivar’s Head
Off-Hand Catalyst
Unique ashen skull

  • (6-10) Intelligence
  • (2-4)% Spell Critical Strike Chance
    (40-60)% increased Fire Damage
    (40-60)% Increased Fire Aura area
    Cast Fire Aura every 2 seconds while Channelling
  • (50-150)% Chance to Ignite on Hit While Channelling
    Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance
    If you have 40% spell crit chance Disintegrate deals 40% more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers)
    Fire aura
    Deals fire damage in an area around you. Can be converted to cold or lightning.

Scaling Tags
Fire, Spell, Damage over Time, Intelligence

Base damage: 14 Fire
Can’t crit
Added damage scaling: 70%
Dying cinders illuminate the empty skull.
Requires Level: 50
Can’t be gambled
Minimum Drop Level: 5
Drop rarity: Common

<< link Ignivar's Head - Unique Ashen Skull - Off-Hand Catalyst - Last Epoch Item Database >>

And so, in order:
1) "Cast Fire Aura every 2 seconds while Channelling"
It is difficult to attribute this to a bug, it is better to describe it as a “creation oversight”. So, what is the actual problem? And the problem is not one, there are several of them. More specifically, here is the list:

1.1) Aura of fire is cast for any spell that already has a tag \ gets a tag when selecting nodes \ has the "Channelled" mechanic.
In general, with anyone, not just with the Disintegrate cast. You see, on an item that enhances the Disintegrate skill, active properties work on other skills. This is not correct in terms of logic and game mechanics.

1.2) In order for the aura of fire to be cast, it is not necessary to cast a skill.
Tell me what, am I contradicting myself? But no. As I wrote earlier, now the aura of fire is cast for any skill that has the “Channelled” tag.
So, the Mage has a Focus spell, this spell has the “Channelled” tag and the “Cooldown” parameter, that is, with the correct “cast”, this spell should go to “cooldown”. Still logical, right? You hit the spell with cooldown and it went to cooldown!
However, in the case of the Focus spell, if you press and release the spell quickly, quickly, then the cooldown does not start! We can press / release the keyboard key with this spell as many times as we like and so we won’t see the beginning of cooldown.

What happens if we put Ignivar’s Head on a character?
The aura of fire is triggered EVERY time it has had 2 seconds of cooldown. We just stand / run and quickly quickly press the Focus spell and as soon as the cooldown of the fire aura ends, the fire aura is cast.
Do you understand? We can not expect the “correct” casting of the Focus or Disintegrate skill (or any other with the Channelled tag), but simply quickly press / release the key with this skill and get an aura of fire! Just run on the map and every 2 seconds quickly press / release and the Focus skill key!
Is this a bug? I think yes. And for a better understanding of this, read 1.3.
1.3) When casting a spell with the Channelled tag, the aura of fire is cast before the spell itself!
This is just nonsense! The spell itself does not have time to cast, but the aura of fire is already activated!
No two second delay, like other spells that are cast through the use of a Channelled skill!

For example: if in the Disintegrate skill tree we select the branch that casts “Lightning Blast” every second, then the first time “Lightning Blast” is cast ONLY AFTER ONE SECOND OF USING Disintegrate.

And it works with any other spells that can be cast by casting another spell with a Channelled tag on the mage. The spell is cast ONLY LATER for some time (after a second or more, depending on the frequency of automatic casting).

But the Aura of Fire is cast immediately. And not just right away, it is cast BEFORE the spell itself.
That is, if the mage has buffs such as “Preparation” (gives bonus damage to spells and slows), then this buff will be applied to the Aura of Fire, and not to the spell that caused it to appear.

For example:
We will choose the Disintegrate skill, put Ignivar’s Head on the hero, wait for the Preparation buff icon to appear, then cast Disintegrate.
What happens: Even before the Disintegrate beam appears, the Aura of Fire is activated and removes the Preparation buff. During the use of Disintegrate, the Preparation buff continues to appear and enhance each subsequent aura of fire, after which it disappears in order to reappear and reinforce the next aura of fire. At the same time, the Disintegrate skill itself does not receive an increase in damage from the Preparation buff, since before that, the Aura of Fire receives the buff instead.

Checked on a whipping doll in town. It really is! Aura of fire gains bonus damage from the buff! But Desentegration does not get it!

And I can guess (well, I believe it; D) why this is happening. The fire aura is tagged “INSTANT CAST”, so it is cast instantly without interrupting other spells. Therefore, in the queue of the spell, it appears first and takes the buff for itself. It also has the “SPELL” tag, which is why she gets a buff from Preparation.

I finished about the bugs of the Fire Aura of the Ignivar’s Head item, then the bug with Disintegrate and the Ignivar’s Head item.

2) Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance If you have 40% spell crit chance Disintegrate deals 40% more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers)
As you can see from the description, Disintegrate’s damage should receive a “more XX%” multiplier based on the “spell crit chance”, but it doesn’t.

Putting on the character Ignivar’s Head and increasing / decreasing spell crit chance, we will not see an increase / decrease in damage in the tooltip to the Disintegrate skill.
To immediately suppress all misunderstandings, I will immediately say: The damage received by the target increases / decreases depending on the increase / decrease in spell crit chance. That is, it is not the DAMAGE of Disintegrate that increases, but the DAMAGE TAKEN from the Disintegrate spell increases.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and somewhere in the game formula, there really is an increase in the damage of the Disintegrate spell, but this is not displayed in the tooltip.
In any case, you need to either change the mechanics of the modifier “Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your spell crit chance. If you have 40% spell crit chance Disintegrate deals 40% more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers)”, or change the description. In the description, replace “Disintegrate deals more damage” with “Targets take more damage from Disintegrate”.

That’s all! More bugs will be in other posts!
P.S. My English is so bad, but I hope you understand me

Your english isnt bad… You just use too much of it… Sometimes keeping things simple is easier to understand… :wink:

Thanks for all your posts… I am sure the devs will read through them and reply if they think its neccessary…

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Yeah, it’s not always entirely obvious what the issue is without re-reading the post.