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Ignite stacking currently not working

Currently i have 500% chance to ignite, and it only ever applies one stack of damage. Tested with every available fire skill i could and it always ticks the same. Tried other % stacks from 200, 300, 400, but always the same damage tick. I thought at first i wasn’t understanding how ignite stacks and % work but the gameguide says every 100% adds a stack on every individual hit.

Could you upload your build to Dammitt’s build planner so we can have a look (since % chance to ignite does work). You can import your build without having to manually add everything. The save files are in C:\Users{your user name here}\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves

I’ve also tested this with Cinder Strike. Build link below and when testing, if my math works correctly I have over 300% ignite chance with a melee hit. No matter what portion of Cinder Strike cycle hits it is only 1 tick of ignite damage. So it doesn’t appear to be working correctly as stated in the game. As I should be seeing 3x ignite damage per tick.

Well, when I hit the dummy with the default attack with 1 low rolled Eye of Reen (102% ignite chance) I was getting ignite ticks of 7. When I equipped a second I was getting ignite ticks of 14. Switching to Cinder Strike I’d get ignite ticks of 21 indicating that the first (& second) hit also applies 1 stack of ignite.

1 stack:

3 stacks:

I’m showing 86 ignite damage over 3 seconds and I have over 300% ignite chance on melee hit and getting 40 a tick sometimes 38 sometimes 42. Maybe I’m just being dumb and not getting this?

To add more to this I have been testing attacks with what the total ignite damage should be and find I have 400% now as I found a belt with over 100% ignite chance. 86 ignite damage x4 should be 344 total damage. I have had total ignite damage as low as 223 upwards to 300 but still not anywhere close to the expected number. Are some other calculations making a difference here?

If your character screen says 86 damage for a stack of ignite, that’s done over 3s. So if you have 400% chance, you should be doing 86*4/3 = 114.7 per tick. I usually ignore the first tick since that sums up to ticks of damage & the last can be a “partial” tick of damage. I assume you’re still trying it on the training dummy (since the mobs have a % damage reduction per level which is why you do less damage to them than on the dummy).

Yeah I’m doing this on the training dummy so no % damage reductions and not seeing anywhere close to that tick as it’s 45 a tick. With 400% being right after potion use and using that for testing. With potion it is 45 a tick with out it is 38 a tick. Below is a new upload of my character.

Adding to this as I was able to get to 500% ignite chance on melee strike and I’m seeing 49-51 a tick with the same base 86 ignite damage over 3 seconds. I’m not sure what’s happening here as increasing my ignite chance isn’t providing the full damage expected with the number of stacks I should be getting.