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I experimented with Abyssal Echoes and made this build https://www.lastepochtools.com/planner/zQqqXNQN
Idea is: spread ignite stacks with Smite, Devouring Orb, Abyssal Echoes and add more damage by ‘‘Temporal Reaving’’ and ‘‘Sequel of Decay’’ nodes in Abyssal Echoes skill tree. Is it worth it? May be got Gaspar’s Will and try Onehand + Shield build?

Personally I’d do the following:

  • Take the points from Thornmail & put them in Defiance (ele resist for easier gearing + attunement for more mana & damage on your hits & ignites)
  • Take the points out of Devouring Orb’s Sightless Star/Cosmic Impact/Abyssal Rush & put them into Dark Torrent for more frequent Abyssal Orbs (-> more ignites), you could also drop Dark Moon for a significant cost reduction, it’ll reduce your damage on trash (which doesn’t matter) but will keep the damage on bosses. You could also put points into World Rot for improved defences (slower mobs)

Do we know for sure that attribute scaling affects ailment damage though? I asked in a dev stream, and was told that skill nodes (as in, inside the skill’s tree) do affect ailment damage, but that generic modifiers don’t (for instance, melee damage doesn’t increase the damage of the ailments applied by melee skills). It would make sense that attribute scaling would affect the ailment damage, since it’s skill-specific, like skill tree nodes, but I still wanted to point out that uncertainty. :slight_smile:

Yes it does.

Only unconditional damage nodes.

For example, some skill have skill nodes inside their skill spec tree that only increase “hit damage”, those would not affect ailments.

Because Ailments are not “melee”.

Alright, great :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I meant, sorry I wasn’t clear.

Indeed, I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense or questioning it; it was just a bit unintuitive to me at first that some modifiers to a skill’s damage applied to ailments (the unconditional skill tree nodes) while some others didn’t (like the “melee damage” for melee). But, back to the topic at hand, I just wanted to raise the question because I wasn’t completely sure the attribute scaling was applying to it. :slight_smile: I’m sorry if I ended up causing more confusion than anything else, haha.

When i increase Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, Fire Damage Over Time, Elemental Damage Over Time stats ignite damage in character stats screen increses too, but when i increase attunement it does not. Hits from spells are not significant. And 24% resists are not big deal. Choosing between Armor and Cold Resist belssings from The Age of Winter time line i prefer resist, with good roll Cold Resist and Lightning Resist blessings i can refuse Elemetal Resists stat from items completely.

I paid little attention to Devouring Orb tree. I see i can take 3 points from Void Adept (30% are not big in total) and 1 point from Sightless Star, but i can’t refuse Abyssal Rush cos i can’t face tank every thing from bosses and run speed helps with dodge. Mana cost is important too, may be when i craft helmet with 10 mana on smite i can revise someting.

Everything that can be inherited from a skill tree will be. This includes unconditional modifiers (such as “skill does XX% more damage” & skill has 4% increased damage per point of XXXX attribute) and conditional modifiers where the ailment meets the condition (“skill does XX% more fire damage” for an ignite, but not bleed or poison, or “skill does xx% more hit damage” because ailments don’t hit).

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That’s because attunement is a skill-specific modifier so it doesn’t get counted in the generic ignite damage on your character screen. Just like “skill does XX% more fire damage” doesn’t increase the ignite stat on your character screen, but both attunement & the “skill does XX% more fire damage” increase ignites from a skill that has the attunement tag.

The hits themselves aren’t, but they’re probably making up most of the hits that apply the ignites (see above comments re skills scaling ailment damage).

Yes, and if you want to farm for specific blessings you can change the passive points. Personally I can’t be arsed farming for specific blessings.

All the damage nodes on the skill tree are more modifiers, which are applied separately so they may be smaller than the % increased from gear/passives but they don’t suffer from diminishing returns.

I can’t say how you’ll cope with lower movement speed, personally I don’t really find it an issue, but you may find it easier with Time Rot & Chill on the boss slowing it’s attacks down. Given you’re capped on Crit Avoidance, you can get rid of the blind suffix on your staff & go for Chill instead (36% less attack/cast/movement speed) as well as the Time Rot from Devouring Orb (15% less cast & attack speed) for a total debuff of ~56% (I think, possibly 51%).

But if you are able to not take Dark Moon (& Abyssal Rush) you’ll find yourself with a lot more skill points to use as well as more mana.

I think you are wrong. From nodes like Extinction it works like More modifier. But Void Adept adds Global Incresed Damage stat, that just added additively to all damage types. I don’t see 40% More increased ignite dots on dummy when i cast Devouring Orb.

Yes, I misspoke (typed?), generally, all damage modifiers in a skill tree are “more” unless they say that they are global then they’re “increased”.

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