Ignite Hungering Souls with Maehlin's Hubris?

Hi there, I was looking for my own way to make a viable Hungering Souls build as a beginner and realised Soul Feast & Transplant skill trees have a nice synergy with Maehlin’s Hubris gloves if you are playing necro to fire Hungering Souls build. In addition to classic unique items (Calamity / Curse of Perseverance / Ashes of Mortality / Soulfire), Maehlin’s Hubris enables self ignite with Transplant and you get the 100% armor buff from Soulfire relic without Immolator’s Oblation. (Has a good synergy with Bone Armor). Soul Feast and Transplant increased bleed chance on hit helps clear since we have shit ton of ignite chance. Also there are some chance to bleed passives on Lich tree that we can use. In addition to that chance to bleed idols are really nice to use with some resistance on it since they have higher percent chance than ignite idols. And last Maehlin’s also enables Chance to Bleed on Hit blessing for a good dps increase.

I’m currently playing 100 level Lich with this passive and skill tree but with different items ofc. Items on the guide is just to give an idea. You should be playing around those stats with some high Lp uniques. I have 148% Bleed Chance and 226% ignite chance at the moment and build is pretty smooth and seems to have huge potential. I only have one 2 Lp unique and two 1 Lp uniques right now. I’m res capped and have 100% crit avoidance thanks to Woven Flesh

If you have mana issues just give another point to Dominion of Undeath instead of Life Hunt or craft a nice Legendary Calamity with +3 Hungering Souls on it.

Try to get some poison chance for infinite armor stacks

Btw I have an exalted staff with some Elemental Damage Over Time / Damage Over Time / Ignite Chance (T6/T5/T5) on it for monolith clearing since Curse of Perseverance can feel pretty stupid sometimes. And the feeling is pretty nice. I also tried wand & shield combinations and they are cool too.

This is a build idea inspired by The Curse’s build on how to enable Hungering Souls with Maehlin’s. The main reason that I’m sharing this build is to improve the game with new ideas and this build if this thing has a potential. Also fiery skulls look cool.

Thank you all in advance for the suggestions & corrections!