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Ignite Hammerdin

Would like to ask one thing. If I use hammers that spiral + I ll get extra hammers = 3 hammers per cast.
How it ll affect ailments on hit?
Will this 1 cast = 3 hammers = 3 stacks of ignite if I got 100 % of ignite on hit?
Or 1 cast = 3 hammers = 1 stack of ignite?
I am saying about initial hit with hammer - cause 3 hammers ll hit mob with 1 cast.

Since you have 100% chance to ignite, each hammer that hits will apply 1 stack of ignite. If all hammers hit (likely on large mobs), or if they hit the target multiple times then you’ll get lots of stacks.

TLDR, the hammers with the spiral node & multiple hammers per cast can/will shotgun if the target is large enough.

It does indeed work that way HOWEVER - I would suggest you use BLEED instead of ignite, due to the bleed chance and bleed effectiveness nodes in paladin.

Or you can combine both dots using smite, that works too.