Ignite Fire tornado Bug build - Showcase of a near impossible mission

So this was a side project I had in my head for a long time.
I finally put it together.
This build by no means is a top build, it is extremely difficult to build around it, it lacks support from all places (gear, passives, skills nodes). So why play it ?

First I will list tons of reasons to not play it:

  • As said no support from the class primalist/ druid for fire damage.
  • with the exception of the fire nodes in tornado skill, have no support from other skills.
  • need some good uniques to enable build
  • The single target damage is very average
  • Its a shadow of the potential of its similar build, the lightning bug, being a much weaker variation.
  • Have no sustain from leech, so you either use Bleeding heart (taking an importan slot for necessary affixes), or need some investment in healh regeneration taking important affixes from gear.
  • heavily dependant on 3 offensive blessings. So dont count too much on blessings for your defense.
  • zero support for ignite duration being a primalist.
  • the rage sustain is much more difficult without critical damage.

Reasons to play it:

  • if you are stubborn just like me
  • you like to defy logic
  • fire is fun, and you are not in the mood to play mage
  • tornado is a great skill, one of my favorites, and you like to explore all options of it.

Now to the setup of the build:

I also show my current gear and setup in video.
Basically you take ignite chance and bleed chance from any possible gear & skill & blessing.
Use Maehlins Hubris gloves to convert bleed chance to ignite chance.
Get as many Increased Elemental damage over time & fire damage & damage over time prefixes as possible (balancing with the defensive affixes, you will need them). Focus at flat health regen per second and increased health regeneration for the sustain. around 300 to 400 you are good enough to run 300 corruption and fight t4 dungeons. Its not a great number compared to other builds but its the one I could achieve and it works.

Focus getting melee atack speed , use swarmblade form and spam melee attacks to proc as many tornados as possible. The mele attacks will spam tornados and also apply stacks of ignite, one of the rarer sinergies I could find in the build.

Im glad to finish the build, capable of fighting monoliths around 300 corruption and being able to finish all T4 dungeons. Some videos:

300 corruption and emp mono boss fights:

T4 Temporal Sanctum Julra fight:

T4 Lightless Arbor Boss fight:


Dude, that’s impressive that you stuck with trying to make that work. Well done. That’s some serious theorizing going on.

FYI, the 300 corruption mono video appears blocked for SME content.

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thanks, I tried a new link now.

My life was a lot easier since it take most concepts from the well know lightning bug build.


Still giving you all the praises. Putting a different engine on a chassis is way harder than slapping a coat of paint on. :crazy_face:

And then having some ####er come along and sandblast the paint off next patch before you managed to drop the relic from Reign of Dragons because #### you Llama, #### you.

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