Ignite does not proc through Ice Claw's Elemental Nova when wearing Crest of Unity

Ok, very specific situation and have done quite a bit of testing but yes, seems like ignite does not proc with this specific situation:

  1. Wear Crest of Unity
  2. Take ignite from whatever source, in this case I am using ignite from the Dragon Breath passive in Sorcerer Tree and Elemental Tranquility node in Elemental Nova skill tree.
  3. Take Frost Claw’s Celestial Conflux node.
  4. Try proccing ignite against a training dummy when using Frost claw to proc Elemental Nova, it won’t happen.

It’s only possible to proc the ignite directly using Elemental Nova, but does not work when Frost Claw procs Elemental Nova.

Tested with a sorc and spellblade and it does not seem like Ignite doesnt proc with Crest of Unity.
Ignite does proc via Elemental Nova if you are a Runemaster wearing Crest of Unity though.