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Ignite Devouring Orb Miner, A Fun Way To Melt Enemies In A Bug Free Way | Patch 8.3

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Ignite Devouring Orb Miner Void Knight, Hundreds Of Ignites In A Burst, Last Epoch Build Guide - YouTube

Build Summary :

Hello, this is Dr3ad from Epoch Builds. In today’s forum topic we will go over Ignite Devouring Orb, an overpowered skill with an underpowered ailment.

So the idea of this build, is it feels a lot more like a miner from Path of Exile. We lay our devouring orbs down on the ground, and we can proc the void rift’s from them Abyssal Echoes. This combination allows us to clear packs buttery smooth and also stack a lot of ignites on bosses. Sadly its ignite, so my ceiling for my gear was like 200k dummy dps, but thats very impressive for an ignite build, especially since I had no fire shred from Shamans.

Obviously the version that PerryThePig played to 400+ corruption in hardcore is much better but its also abusing bugs, which we are waiting for the nerfs so we can see how strong that build is without the bugs. Ill explain what those are in the skill section. This version, the ignite dev orb is not using any bugs whatsoever, so even when they enevitably fix the bug, this build will be untouched.

Normally I would give a detailed leveling guide like I have for the last 2 builds, but I would heavily suggest to respec into this build, as we require maelhins hubris to function, and Fiery Dragon Shoes to feel good. We also want the ignite duration affixes on our helm and chest, which boost our single target significantly, so I would not suggest playing this as your first build. You could either play my VK warpath setup, the Erasing Strike/VC setup until you have the stuff ready to go.

Now to farm said uniques, I would go to Ending The Storm to farm for glove unique/set rewards, and Spirits of Fire for unique/set boots. Both of these should not take that long to farm for.

This build definitely blew me out of the water for how much damage it is doing, but I guess devouring orb is so insanely strong it can literally carry one of the worst ailments in the game. Hopefully one day they buff ignite. One problem I have with this build, as do some of my friends who play devouring orb, it doesn’t matter what kind of devouring orb build your playing, the animations are so cluttery that it all ends up looking the same. Maybe we can have some kind of MTX or node inside Devouring Orb that turns it into a fire spell, that would be insane.

This kind of build is different than most ailments, as it actually has more of a combo playstyle than a hold button until things die kinda thing like most ailment builds like warpath, serpent strike etc look like. When we do the combo right we get insane amounts of damage (for ignite), and during Beacon monoliths we can fill the entire screen with purple void fire which is also neat. Kinda feels like Glacial Cascade Miner from PoE.

Check the video description for build planner and loot filter : Ignite Devouring Orb Miner Void Knight, Hundreds Of Ignites In A Burst, Last Epoch Build Guide - YouTube

Have the bugs been reported?

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Yes multiple times. Perry was very insistent with making sure they get fixed eventually. Its mainly how the abyssal orbs are benefiting from all of the more damage inside Devouring Orb’s tree, even stuff specifically meant for Void Rifts

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That’s not a bug. I asked Mike whether the Abyssal Orb explosions should be benefitting from the Void Rift nodes & he said that they probably should & now they do. That functionality was explicitly added (at my request, but anyway :wink: ).

As for the rest, that’s likely just following the usual skill node/effect inheritance rules.

Edit: I also can’t see any recent bug posts that look like someone’s posting about DO/AO doing too much damage.


In this case, we should probably adapt a few texts accordingly, right?

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If you mean make the various nodes state that they apply to Abyssal Orbs as well, yes. @Reimerh_QArts specifically, Rift Caller, Abyssal Expanse, Devour the Weak, Soul Eater, probably Voidfire Rift (though I’ve not checked it), Burning Prey, Dark Moon, Cosmic Impact & Extinction.


I hope your right because I have some theorycrafting to do then


I haven’t made bug posts, but here is the gist of it. I cover this in a handful of YouTube videos.


Basically, hit vs ailment is a mess, and “Devouring Orb” is a phrase that points not only to the Skill Tree, but also to a subskill (which is the “Explosive Impact” node).

Rift Caller node - says “hits”, but applies more damage to ailments as well

Abyssal Expanse - says “Void Rift area”, but scales the explosion circles from Abyssal Orbs, which are NOT “Void Rifts” for the sake of the skill tree.

Extinction node - should only apply damage to the “Explosive Impact” hits, but scales Abyssal Orb damage and also Void Rift damage

Extinction node - should only scale “hits” , but scales ailment damage for “Explosive Impact” hits, Abyssal Orb hits, and Void Rift hits

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And yet I asked Mike (probably on a stream & I’m not going through the past few months worth of streams to find it) if they should affect the Abyssal Orb damage & he said they didn’t but probably should!

That wasn’t done on the official discord which is why I couldn’t find it…

@Mike_Weicker Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike…

Edit: Needless to say, they changed it before they reworked the void spells to scale with flat damage from vitality so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was changed.

If nobody’s posted them as bugs then the devs probably won’t have them on their internal tracker.

Cosmic Impact isn’t a subskill, it’s a modifier to the base skill. Generally anywhere a skill node says it applies to the skill (which is ~99.9% of cases) it applies to sub-skill that procs as well. Otherwise ailments wouldn’t inherit any damage from the proccing skill.

There’s nothing in the node that says it should only apply to the preceding node (Cosmic Impact) since it says “Devouring Orb hits”.

Edit: here’s the patch notes when they changed it:

Which is why I’m saying it’s not a bug. Though I’ll agree that the nodes that refer to hits need to be tightened up, since the descriptive text says hits but the modifier text doesn’t.

So whether things are bugs or not – It’s not really a big deal. What matters is this: Dev communication, tooltip text, and intuition all lead a player to different answers. Like, you can play Bleed Devouring Orb right now and it’s great, but the whole build is a bug.

Increase vs More
Hit vs Generic More Multipliers
Subskill inheritance

These three things should be clarified across the board, and Devouring Orb is just one of those skills that needs some love.

Yes & no.

The increased/more thing is explained in the game guide. Hit v generic more should be clear but there are instances, such as this one, where the descriptive text doesn’t match how it’s coded & they do absolutely need to be tidied up (@Reimerh_QArts). Sub-skill inheritance is pretty simple (bugs notwithstanding), if a sub-skill/proc’d thing has a skill tree then it doesn’t inherit anything (Firebrand being the exception to that rule), otherwise anything that is relevant to the sub-skill/proc’d thing will be inherited.

Posted a bug report about the tooltips (both not stating that they affect Abyssal Orbs & that they state they are hit damage while applying to ailments as well).

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