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Ignite damage scaling?

What is the best way to scale ignite damage, as far as gear stats go? I know there’s a few stats that will increase it’s damage, fire damage, elemental damage, damage over time, fire/ele damage over time, but which one scales the best? Like in PoE for instance there are multiple ways to scale ignite damage as well, but some are faaaar better. Damage over time multiplayer scales harder than anything else, a piece with say 5% of that would be better than twice or even three times that value of just fire damage. Was just wondering if one of the ways to scale it is far better in this game as well, or are they somewhat equal?

I apologize if this has been asked, I searched the forums and the internet in general trying to answer this, couldn’t seem to find it. Hopefully you fine folks of the forums can point me in the right direction.

The most effective way are generic more modifiers from the skill tree that procs it and hits per second (cast speed if you’re using a spell to ignite or attack speed if not). After that all of the increased modifiers are added together so they are equivalent, you just want as big a numbers on the affixes as you can get:

% DoT damage, % Fire damage, % Elemental damage, % Elemental DoT, general % damage (usually on the passive tree) & whatever attribute the skill uses (usually Int for most Mage skills).

All ailments have their own base damage, so hit damage from the skill that procs them have no effect, nor can they crit (or be affected by crits in anyway unless specified by a node).

Getting over 100% gives multiple stacks (1,000% = 10 stacks per hit).

Ok gotcha, so its application of stacks that’s the best way to scale it. The stats on gear being somewhat equal, chance to ignite and cast speed are the top ways to increase the damage, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Thanks for the info mate, cheers

Yeah, if you could get “ignite effectiveness”, that would be a more modifier but I don’t think it exists for a Mage (Rogue seems to be able to get some on the chest).

Yeah haven’t seen that stat on any mage gear so far.

I appreciate the quick and thorough reply