Ignite chance

Hello all.

I have a question about Ignite chance.
On character sheet it is stated that I have 161% percent ignite chance.
Below is a list of all the items I have with their increased ignite chance. Only wepaon and idol are counted in to the ignite chance.

Is it correct to assume the total ignite chance for Warpath would be the sum of all of these, 437%?

Torch of Pontifex 153% Chance to ignite on hit
Calamity 150% chance to ignite with fire skills
Sunwreath 76% to ignite on melee hit
Idol 8% chance to ignite on hit

Majasa Firebrand 50% melee ignite chance

Thanks for your time

The value shown on the character sheet is just generic ignite chance that applies to all skills. That’s the 153% + 8% granted by Torch of the Pontifex and the idol. Calamity’s ignite chance only works with fire skills, so it doesn’t get added to the total shown there. Similarly Sunwreath and the passive only apply to melee attacks.

When we update the character sheet we plan to make it possible to check stats like “chance to ignite with fire melee attacks” which would show your total ignite chance from all those sources.

Warparth is a melee attack, so it benefits from Sunwreath and the Majasa Firebrand passive, but it is not a fire skill, so it does not benefit from Torch of the Pontifex. However its tree is being reworked in 0.8.3 and the new tree will include a node that converts it into a fire skill. If you take that node then Torch of the Pontifex’s Calamity’s ignite chance will apply to it as well.


:scream: will there be a node that converts it to Void as well?

I don’t want to spoil everything about the new trees :wink:

You can tell me, I’ve signed an NDA, I won’t tell anyone.


Can we expect some convertions on mages skills?
Like freeze snap convertions to ignite?

Thanks for the reply.
You mean from Calamity (the fire skill chance), it does get from Pontifex (on hit).
It makes sense, I see that now, it is still a physical melee channeling attack, even though I feed it alot of fire.

A node that converts Warpath to Fire sounds like a great idea!

You mean from Calamity (the fire skill chance), it does get from Pontifex (on hit).

Yes, thanks for catching that. I’ve edited my original comment.

Here’s a screenshot of the Sentinel on a warpath of :fire:.
edit: I was really amazed to see the bones shatter from the skeletons like that, also all particle effects and lighting is awesome in this game. A joy to play and screencapture :endofedit

Last Epoch - Sentinel

Well looking at the mew visual thats all purple i would say there is a way to make it all void. Glad to hear it gets fire to that will symergize with alot of things

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