Ignite chance? bugged or

hi character sheet shows only 41% chance yet i have more on gear. just a case of not showing correctly or have i misunderstood something build Sorcerer, Level 63 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

thank you

The character sheet only shows global ignite chance. It won’t include any “ignite chance for fire/necrotic skills” (Calamity helm & Soulfire relic), or converted ignite from bleed (Mhaelin’s gloves which you have equipped). Nor will it include any skill-specific ignite chance from skill trees or “ignite for melee skills”. It’s not bugged, it’s just, (annoyingly) not complete (or entirely consistent).

The devs are hoping to have the character screen completely reworked for 0.8.5 (likely around March some time).

ok thank you very much . had a thought that it must be something of that sort but you never know. thank you

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