If weapon stats affect forge weapons, does dual-wield double it?

Playing a forge guard, and one of the really cool features is that your forge weapons utilize the stats of your equipped weapon. So then, if you dual-wield do your forge weapons absorb stats from both equipped weapons? Interested to know if I can double the effectiveness of my forge weapons.

Weapons are just stat sticks so in my experience I would say Yes. (but add not double)
Attack speed is averaged between the two though.

EDIT: just fired up a Rive (Bound Weapon Node) sentinel to test this properly - and yes, the Forged Weapon takes stats from both weapons during dual wield as expected. Two white Longswords 50 melee vs one white zweihander 100 melee had almost identical damage ticks when causing the Forged Weapon to hit a dummy - (barring the physical penetration and built in 20% damage up/down factor) and were on average double the damage of a single Longsword.

That said, I have found two handers to be more effective for Forged Weapons - but that could be anecdotal as I didnt whip out a spreadsheet to compare properly.

Things affecting minion stats should obviously not be ignored too. Plenty of bonuses for Forged Weapons possible there.

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Thanks very much for looking into this and testing! For some time I was focusing on 2handers as well, but I found the attack speed bonus of 1handers to be advantageous since it translates to your forge as well. I had recently respec’d sword/board but I think I will go try dual-wield and see what the DPS is like!

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Go for it… one of the things I like about LE is that its very forgiving to try new things… One thing I was thinking on, the Forged Weapons are unlikely to take all stats from weapons - most obvious are the unique affixes but like Manifest Armour doesnt use some stats from your gear, its likely that Forged Weapons will not use ALL stats from your weapons. Simple ones like melee damage are obvious, but I am not sure if the others apply. Afaik, there is no list anywhere that confirms exactly what stats would apply so you will have to test…

OK, thanks. I wasn’t aware that certain stats would NOT transfer to forge armour or weapons. I figured affixes like “minion damage” would be impacted. For example, +40% minion damage affects you and your minions, but because your minions don’t have minions, i figured it would only affect once. Rather than minions benefiting from it twice, know what I mean?

Do you have a rough idea what stats dont go to your forge armour? Didnt know unique affixes would not transfer.

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@vapourfire @Makszi

Unique Affixes do generally apply to Manifest Armour or Forged Weapons, but not all of them.
Usually you can have a pretty good guess at what works and what doesn’t if you look into it in more details.

Some basic things like Skill Specific things or Attributes don’t work, because minions don’t use player skills or attributes.

MA or FW don’t double dip this. As you pointed out already, this stat would apply to their minions. But they do benefit from the player having minion stats.

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@Heavy beat me to the reply.

The only things I can add is that MA is a little more difficult to be 100% sure because of all the different gear items that apply and the wide variety of affixes. So its best to test the ones you are in doubt about and see if they apply.

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One downside of using dual wielding is that you cannot use Void Cleave which provides a lot of flat fire damage to minions as well as crit vulnerability.

I wouldn’t say “generally”. Unique affixes that are conditional don’t work from my experience. A lot of unique affixes are conditional.

I don’t know what experiences you made, but it seems like our definition of conditional might differ drastically.

First off, most uniques do not have conditional effects.
And if we are talking about conditional affixes a lot do work with MA or WF in my experience.

There is such a varied amounts of conditions that you can’t generalize this for this case.
There are conditions regarding the player, the enemy, having certain buffs or debuffs etc.
And a lot of them do work from my experience.

I don’t say all of them work, there are certainly affixes taht don’t work, some of which you woudl expect them to work and some work, were you wouldn’t expect it.

I see okay, that makes sense.

I think I was too tired last night and didn’t think throughly about what I said. Please forget what I said.

What I really mean is that Forge Guard’s minion cannot use:

  • Unique affixes that triggers a skill.
  • Unique affixes that triggers automatically every few seconds.
  • Stormtide : You are shocked for 4 seconds when you stop moving
  • Exsanguinous : 20% of Current Health Lost per second.(I don’t think Forge Guard’s minion can have ward?)
  • Can’t seem to gain Haste from unique affixes.
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