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If Multiplayer is coming next month (according to newest announcement), will there be any WIPES on multiplayer before/on release 1.0?

so, supposedly single player characters are not getting wiped and all updates are applied on them.
Now, if Multiplayer comes next month with new update, and we create new chracters on multiplayer, will there be no wipes there either? Not even on release?
I wanted to play now, but I am willing to wait another month for MP. Thanks

I’m not sure where you saw multiplayer is coming in the next month. Best case scenario would be within the next six months, likely longer due to the difficulty in acquiring servers (pandemic shortages, etc.) and just general challenges in making a live service game.

All offline characters will remain; there are no planned wipes. However, you will not be able to use any of your current characters for online/multiplayer. Each “Cycle” after release will effectively be a wipe like PoE with everything else being moved to standard.

"Final Thoughts

While we’re hard at work on getting multiplayer ready next month, we’ll change up this blog post a bit to allow our UX Director Ross to speak more to some of the ways we’re going to be improving Last Epoch to welcome a fully multiplayer experience.

Should be out next month it seems :). It is news/update from yesterday, they mention this on their Steam page.

“Cycle” is same as Diablo 3 “Seasons”?
Under standard you mean a character that is not part of the cycle/season?

This means that next month, they’ll be hard at work on multiplayer. It will not be released next (this) month, it has not even been released to Community Testers.

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it will not be released that soon!

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Shtrak is 100% correct, it’s just poor wording. Also I have no idea about D3, but it’s best to think of it in terms of PoE leagues.

Multiplayer will be dropping soon for a select pool of Community testers while they work on it. Unfortunately, it’s just not ready yet for release. We need the other end games systems anyway I believe for multiplayer to really be any good.

The original plans (and I’m relatively sure it hasn’t changed) are to not wipe MP characters on release, but to put them into the standard league while starting a fresh cycle on release day. So you can still play them, but don’t have any head start advantage over new players on release.

In earlier MP posts it was mentioned to have CTs testing first and have opt in testing later down the road. I’d think that it is possible to have wipes during that phase until the MP is officially out for all early access players.

That is great :). Them being put to standard is all right, it is not wipe since they will still be playable.

It’s not coming next month, it’s getting prep’d for the CTs (Community Testers) in Q1 (which is Jan-Mar, or Apr-Jun depending on when their year end is).

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