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If I'm returning after not playing for like 2 years, should I start a new character?

I think I have a beast master around level 50 and a necromancer around level 50.

To experience all the new stuff in the game and learn it all as well, would you recommend starting a new character? Is now a good time to come back?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Short Answer: Definitely

Long Answer: There have been a huge amount of changes to LE in 2 years, new defensive mechanics, new crafting system and lots of other fundamental changes to how the game works behind the scenes.

Additional answer: You may want to wait until 0.9 patch launches sometime before the end of the year (no release date confirmed by the devs beyond “trying before the end of the year”) - that version will allow you to make new online characters with multiplayer and will have a tremendous amount of changes to the game on the back end too.


Aww ok, maybe I’ll just wait until that patch comes out.

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I did the same thing and I would say clear everything and start from zero. As for waiting for patch, I think it depends on you. I personally wanted to get caught up with updates before MP dropped so started without waiting. If you are more into exploring, maybe wait for the path.

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I would definitely start a new character.