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"If I were a dev..." *Necromancer wish-list*

I’m just biased, I hate the ranged minion playstyle and the fact that everything that’s not cold is trash in comparison so seeing more cold crap would annoy me. I’m sure the meta riders would love it though.

personally i prefer fire builds just because it’s the only element every minion has access to.
flame wraiths, pyre golems, fire archers, pyromancers, infernal zombies (we’re going to ignore that the abomination exists), you can make a whole fire team, just nothing really buffs them.

That’s why he’s making this post, someone willing to take the time and put the passion into it has to speak up about issues Necro are having right now. No need to “chill” at all.

I prefer Necrotic damage personally, but I’ll take anything not cold at this point haha

i don’t feel like bothering with necrotic damage until abomination is either removed or made usable for the hungering souls from mages noming. but considering how the abomination actually works, it will never reach a point where it’s balanced without a complete ground-up redesign.

I’d prefer they do this and have someone design it who actually enjoys, has played summoner classes in other game and has fun unique ideas. The mastery is an absolute mess.

well the main issue (and i’ll be writing a post about this after i finish some homework for college) is that the abomination is a parasitic type of ability that “creates” power. to cite my argument on the value of spell slots from my big post the other day, the abomination has no stand-alone function. it requires that you have at least 1 other specific spell on your bar in order to even do anything, and because of this, if it doesn’t limit the power of that other spell or spells, then it “creates power” and if it does, but the power it gains from doing so isn’t high enough, then it’s just a nerf. and while that suggests that there’s a balance to be struck there, understand that it then enters into a situation is balanced, the abomination works and is exactly as valuable as it needs to be, but now you’re playing a class with 3 or less spells available to use.

Yea, the sad part is that there’s a lot more wrong with the mastery than Abomination though. I think they need to go back and rethink what they want the class to actually be rather than trying to just slap all the ideas that seem good on paper into it and hoping the players find a way to make it work.

Don’t put word on my mouth. I did not say not to touch necro at all I am suggesting the same as you to put bandaid to it aka adjust the number. It might need a larger bandaid this patch if that works. And them ruining the new classes are just your prediction and “passion” running wild.

I see his passion, but I can see his anger more in this thread. I am sure the devs would be happy to listen to suggestions laced with anger and personal attack. /s

Anyway, enjoy your echo chamber in this thread. I am out.

well if we’re going to go that deep, then the problems start way before even class, since minion stats as a concept create an itemization disparity where you are sacrificing personal power for a completely separate set of operational rules, and balancing classes that use that system against the ones that don’t is already an issue before you even get into the classes themselves.

I feel like you’re reading into what he’s saying way too far, some people just express their frustration differently.

No one is angry here and the reason we’re here saying anything in the forums is because we trust EHG to read and listen to what their players have to say, scroll down in Necro and tell me how many others have said anything in the past 6 months about the class other than posting guides or asking questions.

There are things wrong that need to be said, sorry you’re too sensitive and bootlicking to be a part of it.

Totally agree, minion stats should be backed into the mastery itself rather than needing minion specific stats on gear. In order to do some of the harder content you need so many stats to actually participate let alone do well that it’s insane.

This needs to be baked into the mastery passive where minions can get a portion of your stats or be baked into the passive tree, aside from maybe some of the uniques where it makes sense.

oh no, i am angry. i’m paying for a product and not receiving what was promised. it’s the angry people yelling at HR that get things to change, not the people who pretend everything is okay or “it could be worse” and just accept the reality that they can be screwed over.
but I do appreciate the defense.

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Fair enough, and you have every right to be. Regardless I’m glad someone is saying something. No anger on my end personally though, I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it as far as I’m concerned, if I dropped it I wouldn’t even flinch. Rather wouldn’t because it could be extremely fun, but worst case and all.

Clarifying real quick: I’m angry with the game itself, frustrated with EHG in their decisions and design mentality to nerf things and make weird changes rather than fix abilities/bring other abilities up to par.

I will just address this part so as not to derail the thread further. I did not refer to his opening comment when asking op to chill. That is a valid suggestion. But for him to chill and not lash out at anyone’s reply that deviate from his view. The game already has warning on early access so bugs and changes are expected so please, if someone got too emotional on early access change, wait for the full release to judge it properly.

you seem to be missing the point. this is a FEEDBACK FORUM for the early access game, this is what DIRECTS THE CHANGES that get made to the game prior to release. if we had to “wait for release to judge” then they would have made this a closed beta with only internal, paid testers, and we wouldn’t even know about it until release.
asking for changes is literally why we are here.

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If you actually read the posts, you’ll see critiques of the playstyle of necromancer summoning. Thoughtful suggestions in case the developers want to understand perspectives on why they’re not fun.

I thought this forum was exactly the place for feedback and suggestions… isn’t telling people to chill with their opinions another way to say they’re not valid?


I never mentioned anything about being emotional, only that you’re sensitive. Which is ok. you were right Zar is angry, which he has every right to be. We’re all adults here right? What’s the game’s rating? We should be allowed to express a little anger with a game dev when they make bad decisions. EHG can handle it, they’re not going to cry over this post tonight.

I imagine you’re the type of person to order steak at a restaurant only to get chicken, and still eat the chicken anyways judging by your responses earlier on.

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Why are you even here then? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hey Guys, just a friendly reminder to please be civil when discussing topics on forums. We understand that you are all passionate players and unhappy with the recent minion changes but please keep the discussion constructive between each other.

Thank you.