If Hardcore character dies and reenters zone as a Ghost, old HC items are visible but can't be picked up

Last night I was playing a character with the Hardcore challenge enabled (no other challenges). I died while fighting Lagon in the Seafloor Colosseum. I decided to continue playing the now-Ghost character, used a waypoint to travel to The Temple of Lagon, and continued back to where I had died.

On the way there, I saw items on the ground that I had previously left behind before dying, but I could not pick up the items - I could hover over them to see their stats, but clicking them wouldn’t pick them up. This confused me for a bit until I realized what seemed to be happening. I think it’s reasonable to not be allowed to pick up the HC-dropped items as a Ghost, but it would be nice to avoid the UX confusion.

I think any of the following would be fine/less confusing than the current behavior:

  • Force a regeneration of all zones after respawning in Ghost mode
  • Do not show the HC-flagged items which cannot be picked up
  • Include some sort of visible indication of why the item cannot be picked up in the tooltip

This is a known bug with how local files are saved. This won’t be a problem in multiplayer but because of technically difficulties items in scenes don’t fully get culled.

Thanks for the report.

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