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Can you reroll or modify the affix of and idol

Not currently. It may be added later!

Though they have already said that they don’t want crafting for idols (since it would be too easy to get a good idol).

Not sure i agree 100% that it would be “easy” to get good Idols in that case. But currently it is VERY VERY HARD to get good idols. Getting typ 4 Idols with a) both prefix and suffix you want / need to optimise and b) with higher end roll ranges is no easy task.

I would think that certain tweaks would make this a bit easier like changing Idol Shrines in Mono’s to only drop 1x3 , 3x1 , 4x1 , 1x4 and 2x2 idols specific to a class. Other than the double life 2x1 idols all the rest of the generic idols are useless anyway. Idols for other classes can be farmed on those characters.

Well, it would be easier to get them with good rolls (since you’d just use a rune of refinement on them) or to get the prefix/suffix combination you want (shatter them, then craft the prefix & suffix you want).

I agree, some idols seem to be obscenely rare. I’ve only got two of the “fire aura on crit” idols, and one of them I got with a non-Mage! I also only seem to get the Smite idols on Paladins.

thanks guys for the answer
i try to find Annihilating Huge Rahyeh Idol of Decay with increased damage using devouring orb and and void damage over time
I have got 45 percent increased blessing but no luck
just need to carry on )

Keep vigilant! You will get your idols!

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