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Idol vs Idol ( Mark of Death vs % dmg)

yo guys, i got a question what is better for minion idol with mark of death on hit (minion chance) or damage that your minions are scalling for example usuing fire minions get 55% fire damage, using cold minions get 70% cold dmg??
So basicily is MoD vs Dmg what is better ??

Assuming you have no minion shred, mark for death will be a multiplicative 25% more damage (by mobs having less resist). How much an additional 70% increased minion cold damage will give you depends on your total relevant % increased minion damage.

O ty bro. I got shred armor from zombies and some passive. And my fire DMG is 1000% so still is better to get Mark of death or multi fire DMG?

It depends… Firstly, armour shred is different from (& multiplicative to) resist shred/mark for death. But yes, Mark for Death is probably better given how much minion fire damage you already have.

Oki so event if my minions got 1050% fire DMG and they got shred armor so still is better to losem 55% fire and get idol with Mark of death. Oki i will Play with this setup and see what is better ty