Idol Resists Stats Not Updating, Need To Log Out To See Effect

As in the subject, making any changes to Idols affecting resitances do not show in the Resistance section of the left hand side, I’m having to log out and back in to see such changes; note that changing Idols with +Damage for example is working fine.

I guess this is another problem caused by the bug showing negative and massivle positiv stats in Monday’s patch.


Yes the same thing is happening to me. Some Idols work and some not, +% health is also not being updated.

The whole character screen seems to be bugged, earlier today it showed on my L58 Rogue an increase of all elemental damage types of 1158%, I only have 90% lightning damage yet.

It also showed that all my res were capped, I didn’t know why but I was happy about it. When I restarted the game I saw that only two are capped and wasn’t so happy anymore :\

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