Idol Mechanic

I think having the ability to turn your idols in different directions to fit within the slots would a neat idea. My thought process would be like Escape From Tarkov with the loot you get you can rotate it to be able to fit it better in your bag and to incorporate it into the idol system would neat. What are your opinions on this?

I’m pretty sure the idols are done that way because of the affixes each type can have. After all, you already have the rotated versions available, they just have different affixes. This way you have to choose which you want.


Yup. You cannot have both a 4x1 and a 1x4 in the idol slots at the same time. Because those idols grant very powerful bonuses. You can have two of the same type though. The size and rotation of the idol dictates the power and types of affixes.

It’s also good for build planning as a certain idol type may have multiple suitable affixes for your build.