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Idol 'crafting' and fillling out mono echos

Idol crafting has been asked about a few times, and we’ve been told no that they are chase items. But we also need some things to help fill out mono echoes as well. This system I think fills both the want and the need.

Every class is linked to a certain gods idols (this is pretty much already the case)
Sentinel - Rahyeh / Mage - Lagon / Primalist - Heorot / Rogue - Majasa / Acolyte - Undead Emperor(not really a god but a god like entity) That leaves two entities Orobyss and Eterrra. Get to those later. This would require each of the main 5 gods to have their own ladder or tiers of idols( would have to make new idols and shuffle around some affixes):

Idol “tree” would look like this:
Tier 1 1x1, T2 2x1 or 1x2, and so on.

Lets say for this example, you are playing a Sentinel. Get through story, enter into monoliths. 10% chance to encounter a Rahyeh statue in the echo (think beacons or vessels of memory, something super obvious). First time interact give you a little intro into being this gods champion, and that you can fight the other gods champions to gain its favor, which you can then turn into idols. Fight the champion, win, get favor.

Determining enemy champion: Playing as Rahyeh’s champion, you have 4 other gods to fight, each class has 3 masteries. So there are 12 possible enemies to face. Fighting Heorot’s champion, you could fight a druid, beastmaster, or shaman. These builds could be static(never change, can pull existing arena champs for example) OR could be updated regularly to keep things fresh(maybe even arena ladder rewards for first place by mastery for some player interaction. first place arena ladder druid gets their build added to this for next season, repeat for all masteries. a little in-depth, but could be a fun interaction between EHG and players).

Reward: Couple of options here that the player would be able to choose from if they won.

  • Option 1: Spend the 1 point of favor to make a new 1x1 idol with random affixes.

  • Option 2: Spend the 1 point of favor to upgrade an already existing idol to the next tier with random affixes. 50/50 shot to go either left or right potential fail state going from t1>t2 and t3>t4 if you don’t get the right shape

  • Option 3: Spend the 1(maybe have a way to save favor and make this more expensive?) point(s) of favor to re-roll the prefix OR suffix. This will lock the idol into its tier(cannot upgrade to tiers above) and POTENTIALLY lock the affixespotential fail state of locking the idol from future “crafts”, say like 25% chance to not brick, like glyph of hope

Example: First time through, option 1, make a 1x1 health/fire res idol. Second time through upgrade to a 2x1 get vit/fire damage. Third time through, I re-roll suffix, so idol is now locked as a 2x1 with vitality prefix and random suffix that was just rolled. Either that’s what I wanted, or I have to restart.

Now we have idol ‘crafting’ AND something inside echoes to make them a little more fun. Idea shouldn’t take too long to do, like a minute tops from start to end. Don’t want a 10 minute detour into a harvest garden. Find statue, click to start, fight, win, pick one option, move on.

Now we have farmable idols. 10% chance to encounter a statue. Plus having to win a fight and two potential failure ends. All the numbers could be adjusted up or down if needed for balancing. Still keeps good idols with both helpful affixes rare, but gives players a chance to do something purposeful with idols, instead of just blind luck. And there is something meaningful inside the echo’s. And I can do this alongside farming unique LP’s and things.

But what about Orobyss and Eterra?

top section and bottom section could be added separately for extra content if power creep is too much.

“Empowered Idols”
Once you get into empowered mono’s. Two new statues have a chance at appearing, say like 5%, being either Eterra or Orobyss, instead of Rahyeh. (10% chance of echo containing statue, 5% chance of the statue being the ‘greater god’, very small chance). This ‘empowered’ statue functions the same as the others, but this champion is much tougher as its a champion of the higher gods. When beaten, you still get favor to upgrade idols(if they aren’t already bricked)

  • Option 4: Re-roll both affixes to try and get max roll within current affix(think rune of refinement to get a max roll)still have chance to become locked for future crafts,25% like glyph of hope
  • Option 5: chance to bump ONE affix to a new tier still have chance to become locked for future crafts,25% like glyph of hope
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Not sure if they would do this, but I like the idea, especially adding existing “good” player builds to the pool of possible champions.