Ideas to make this work: Tempest, Double Totem, Crow, Spriggan?

The build: Shaman, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0) - Last Epoch Build Planner


  • Crow
  • Storm Totem
  • Summon Spriggan
  • Tempest Strike
  • Thorn Totem


  • Tempest to cast storm and thorn totem
  • Crow as movement, freeze, and damage buffs
  • Cold thorn totem
  • Blizzard storm totem with thunder totem chance
  • Spriggan defenses and freeze
  • Scaling Attack speed, minion dmg, cold, attunement

Wondering if there are any items that can work with this set up. I am thinking of trying out Boardman’s set with it, not sure how well those will work. Doesn’t have to be an amazing build, I just like the idea of summoning my totems as I attack.

I am leveling this now, only about 15 so far, double totems feel good, not using tempest yet.

Leveling early pt.1
Leveling early pt.2
Leveling early pt.3

you can definetely summon totem on attack with tempest strike, but it wont attack faster with attack speed
And i would advise against taking the node for summoning storm totem if you use the set or the relic for that, the investment is a bit too low return imo
The only suggestions i have (has a long time player of tempest strike, including shaman) is that you dont have a defense scaling ability (shaman is squishy), you have several companion without bonus to companion number (so, like 1 crow? not enough) and you take tempest might, wich give not much to the melee attack of a minion. And none of your minion attack in melee

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Trying to do this mostly on my own with guidance without just following build guide. I will review this feedback and report back!