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Ideas for this wonderful game!

Hi All:

I want to share some ideas about some feature that I saw in others ARPG that maybe can help to improve the game experience. I hope this can contribute, if someone want to collaborate adding more options or comment this list, please feel free to do it:

- Suggestions for Cosmetics Pets: I know that is in you plan included pet cosmetic (no damage, just companion). I will like to suggest you that this kind of pet can loot the gold. This can be a general rule for all the cosmetics pets.

- Localization for Server (Multiplayer): As you can imagine, not all the gamers of Last Epoch are in the same country or continent, in my particular case I’m in Dominican Republic, but if the server is in US, I can play without troubles. That can help you to get new gamers/clients from US and also from Latin America (maybe you don’t believe it, but in Latin America exist a huge quantity of people that play this kind of game). Another server maybe will be required for Europe.

- No meta Build by Dev: What made this genre great was the possibility of creating your own builds and making them viable. Do not limit to that the players have to use a certain equipment to be OP.

- Season/Ladder/Cycles: I understand that the ideal duration, would be between 3 or 4 months. Less would be very short, but it would be a long. Many people enjoy the ladders because suppose a new Challenge. If you combine this with new items (only available in the season, when the cycle end, available in normal mode), an awards (maybe a cosmetics pet) or new content.

- Balanced PVP: Perhaps this is the hardest thing to do, many ARPG developers promised, but did not comply. In poe a time was popular but the imbalance led them to abandon it. Today nobody plays PVP. In D3 they promised it, but it became so difficult that they simply forgot it. If it happens, I have a suggestion to counter it: chart don’t use the same pve set and stats for PVP. A tank must have endurance but not great damage, a wizard does a lot of damage but has no endurance, I know sound easy but is not easy to develop this kind of things. The main focus should be the PVE content, but the other game modes should never be forgotten.

- Alternative to level up/Power Leveling/Trick for leveling faster: Nope. Don’t do it please. Do not allow it.

Greetings from DR!!!

Thanks for your thoughts!

Just to comment on some of the points you’ve raised;

  • We’re leaning against allowing Cosmetic Pets to loot gold. That would give someone who doesn’t have one a disadvantage, which is the kind of thing we are trying to avoid.

  • You don’t need to worry about whether we’ll have servers outside of the US - as an international team, we are not all in the US! We’ll definitely have servers in a variety of locations so that players don’t have to worry about dealing with cross-Atlantic latency, or anything like that. We’re not yet able to discuss specific locations, however.

  • We’ll balance the game as best we can! We’re confident that we have the tools we need to do this effectively - one example being the skill specialization trees, which give us a lot of knobs to turn if a skill is disproportionately powerful (or needs some love).


Thanks for your answers!

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