Ideas for the future / monolith

the monolith system is great but with it being what takes up most of our time in the end game i think there should be more things that keep it interesting.

Keeping with the corruption theme i think it would be cool to see random / unexpected things that can happen in your echos / monolith when you get higher corruption. Maybe we start to see a Shade of a random boss inside the map with improved loot or corruption spreads across a portion of your monolith making those echos have hidden but improved rewards. Maybe random portals inside higher corruption echos with all void enemies inside with their own void themed boss.

Maybe instead of giving more stability as a reward for clearing more enemies you also give a higher chance of an unexpected corruption themed mechanic to occur the more you clear Basically anything to randomize the current system a bit. I want the monolith to be just as fun on my 10th character as it was on my 1st throw some spice in the mix cus it needs it

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No shame bump i truly feel the monoliths need a bump in replayability. After so many characters i dont want it to feel like a drag to start progressing another monolith.

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