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Idea to Improve Monoliths a Little

I had this idea upon waking in the morning. The idea is that Monolith’s could use a little bit more of a way to farm certain items, one way to do this could be by adding onto a existing system like blessings or creating something new like a mix between idols/blessings but that change the way your Monoliths rewards at the end roll/rarity and other things.

For example what I was thinking was something that gives you a higher chance of getting maybe Exalted Axes to roll in your monolith as an end reward, or set items, or whatever so you can spec into farming Monoliths and getting better end rewards that you are looking for, because to me going a certain path on sentinel and getting a rare bow node feels bad :frowning: . But that system could be expanded to either include something like giving either more flat rarity to your Monoliths, or more rarity per echo done in a certain Monolith? Some way of scaling that it doesn’t get to be too much. Those are just somethings that could be added to kind of add to Monoliths.

I’d say Monoliths are already pretty fun to do, but maybe adding a way to specialize your Monolith’s to give certain end rewards not only from blessings, although blessings work as a finding increase in all areas, I think, rather than targeting the end rewards of an echo.

Not entirely sure what you are asking because this exists already to some extent…

If you look at Tunks website regarding Monolith Timelines, you will see that you can already get exclusive echo reward types in specific monoliths… E.g. if you wanted a higher chance of exalted body armour as an echo reward, then its best to run the Blood Frost and Death Monolith… Each monolith has a higher chance of having specific echo rewards that match the particular reward type associated with it…

Obviously it could be expanded on and some of the monoliths have multiple like Swords, Axes, Maces Daggers are all in one timeline… so its less focussed than say belts or body armour…

Isnt that what you mean or are you suggesting something else?

I didn’t know that about Monolith Timelines, fairly new. But I did kind of imagine some further expansion on that idea to include more, but it seems like Monolith targeting for specific loot is already a thing.