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Idea for new type of echo - Boss Fight

I created a new solo character for patch 0.8.3 and have farmed several “random drop” set / unique items so far. I am now farming for a boss specific unique and find that the process is much less enjoyable for this item. From comparing the two experiences I concluded that the moments of excitement occur too infrequently when farming for a boss specific item.

For comparison, here are the types of echoes that I found exciting when farming “random drop” set / unique items, from least to greatest:

  1. Any echo of any type. Since “random drop” set / unique items can theoretically drop from any monster or from the chest at the end of the echo, every echo at least offered the possibility of an exciting moment when a set / unique item would drop.

  2. Echoes with random set / unique item rewards. These were more exciting because of the guaranteed chance at obtaining the desired item at the end of the echo, in addition to the random chances along the way.

  3. Echoes with targeted set / unique item rewards. These were great because they narrowed the pool of possible drops and gave the best chance at aquiring the desired item.

  4. Vessels of Memory. After finding all the available echoes with targeted set / unique rewards I could run them all over again with the added bonus of not having to explore any dead end paths in the web.

Now that I am farming for a boss specific unique here are the types of echoes that I find exciting:

  1. The third quest echo.

And that is it. I feel like the hunt for a boss specific item would be much more engaging if there was something to look forward to while exploring the web other than accumulating enough stability to run the three quest echoes again, which is where my idea for a new echo type comes in.

The Boss Fight echo would allow you to fight the timeline boss exactly as if you were running the third quest echo with the following exceptions - you would not expend any stability, you would not be able to select a blessing, and you would only receive boss specific drops from the echo reward rather than from killing the boss itself.

I realize that EHG wants boss specific items to be rare and to require a certain amount of effort to obtain but I believe they have enough levers to pull that would allow them to balance the existence of a Boss Fight echo:

  1. They could make this one of the rarer echo types.

  2. They could require a minimum level of corruption before Boss Fight echoes can appear.

  3. They could tie the appearane of a Boss Fight echo to completion of the third quest echo. For example, Boss Fight echoes might have an extremely low chance to appear but each time you complete the third quest echo this chance increases up to a cap.

  4. They could design especially difficult echo modifiers that would only effect the Boss Fight echo. For example, players have % reduced critical strike avoidance.

Those are all the ideas I have at the moment. What do you think about the idea of an echo type that gives you another chance at boss specific drops? Are there any other ways you would spice up the process or have you been enjoying the grind as it is?

Currently, the social component is still missing, which will be nicer when you can run through together with friends.

In addition to the multiplayer mode, I’m currently waiting with anticipation for the other “end-game mechanics” and just hope that there are still some motivating ones.

I like playing Last Epoch, but I have to admit that the eternally similar levels are now coming out of my ears in clumps.

For me, it’s like the difference between games like Titan Quest and Diablo 2. In Titan Quest, after playing through a few times, it’s boring as hell to always see the same amount of enemies in the same places, even x-max-mod and consorts could and can only provide a little mitigation. Random levels (Diablo 2 etc.), on the other hand, even if they are rudimentary, don’t even begin to create this more or less oppressive feeling of boredom in the medium or long term.

I really think and hope that there is a lot more to come in Last Epoch, and some of it will appeal to you as well. Until then, let’s (I do) just let the 8-week update cycle drive us from climax to climax. Full speed ahead!

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