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Icicle Marksman 2.0, Actually Forgot To Update This Till Now | Patch 8.3

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Icicle Marksman 2.0, Filling The Screen With Projectiles, Last Epoch Build Guide, Patch 8.3 - YouTube

Timestamps :

00:00 - Intro
04:19 - Skill Rotation
08:19 - Multishot
10:54 - Shift
12:34 - Puncture
13:42 - Smoke Bomb + Shurikens
15:35 - Passives
21:47 - Gearing
27:39 - Monolith Gameplay
38:37 - Elder Gaspar Kill (still trying to drop ravenous voids)

Build Summary :

So this build has been in the works for a long time now. There was a very old version I made when the unique, Reign of Winter, which is a 50/50 drop from Heorot unempowered, and the old version was not the best. Being forced to use flurry every other pack to keep your mana up was a big problem, it felt like you were constantly out of mana. But with the mana regen changes, and the addition of more mana stuff inside puncture, allows us to not have to spam mana generator attacks, meaning our monolith gameplay is much smoother. The orobyss problem, i.e. orobyss having too small of a hit box for us is still a problem as I’m sure you can tell in the footage, and one of the only drawbacks of the build.

So a few other things I found with the 2.0 version of this, Armor Shred is insane for us. Since we hit so many times thanks to Giant Slayer (a node inside multishot that allows our projectiles to all hit the same target for much less damage, which doesn’t matter because you are killing things with the icicles, not the Multishot projectiles), all of the armor shred and cold shred are multiplied 10 fold, allowing you to get easy amounts of % more for our icicles, which is integral because we are scaling a non specialisable skill, which means we have no % more damage to rely on.

We also utilise the boots, Mourning Frosts, which give us 1 flat cold for spells and attacks per dexterity. This also subtracts 1 point of cold and phys res per point of dexterity, so in the end we are ending up with -70% phys and cold res, which is a big gearing investment. The icicles are spells that scale off of dexterity and attunement, which gives us also 4% increased damage per point. They also start off with 60+ cold flat from the bow itself, but if we get up to 70 dexterity (which rogue is very good at, dex stacking) means we are already almost doubling the icicle damage. These boots are required for the build to function.

This on top of the insane 75 flat hp on crit, which is monumental for the build. It allows us to face tank a lot of things in the game very easily, as this is PER crit, meaning you go from any amount of HP to full every single time. This makes it so you don’t need any leech or other sources of sustain.

This all combined allows us to just dart through monoliths killing the entire screen, and leads to a very fun playstyle and has to be one of my favorite builds of the patch!

Leveling Guide :

So for this one I am going to have you guys level as melee channeled flurry + puncture, as that is the premiere way of leveling any rogue right now, not just blade dancer. All of the nodes you need to succeed are on the bottom half of the bladedancer tree, so you can choose marksman and not have too many difficulties.
Level’s 1-20 : Bladedancer, Level 20 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
So this build is actually very easy to level, thanks to the interaction between Puncture and Channeled Flurry, allowing you to gain an insane amount of bleed stacks on single target early on.

Level’s 20-40 : Bladedancer, Level 40 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
As you gain levels you can start adding on top of your bleed, with a little bit of poison as well thanks to Acid Flask being so easily set up. Start deciding on what version you want to go for at this point, as eventually you should as it will make it easier to craft and make gear. At this point you should be close to finishing Tomb Of Moridatus, (big tree dude) and you can finish your side quests to have full idol slots unlocked, making it worth to hop into the monolith of fate. Try to look for HP on hit suffixes too as that will carry you early on in monoliths! At this point you can just choose which planner to follow.

Suggestions of builds you should respec into and play until level 70 when you can equip Reign of Winter :

Bleed HoA Marksman (requires Sanguine Horde) :

Cold HoA Marksman (no uniques required, just slower than Bleed HoA) :

Finished Build Planner :

Loot Filter :

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