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Ice Thorns visual is underwhelming

I imagine you guys are working on a lot of visual assets, but I find the Ice Thorns visual to be pretty disappointing. I don’t expect much - it’s not a skill name or concept that implies something epic, but I think any active should have a little more to it than some blue specks. It’s particularly weird since this big muscular barbarian is flexing each time you cast it.

Step by step the devs improve more and more old skills or classes in general. With Rogue, the devs have shown how much they have improved with skill synergies and skilltree design. With each big patch they also improved visuals, animations or models. The latest example Javelin alone shows us in which direction they are working when we are talking about visual improvements, especially the lightning version looks absolutely amazing. Primalist is one of the classes that will be adjusted in an upcoming patch. So i guess we can expect an Ice Thorn skilltree/visual rework aswell.