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Ice thorns thaw skill and cold damage

Hi all quick question, if I active the thaw node to convert cold damage into physical damage does that also mean that any passive skills I take from the shaman tree that increase cold damage also effect the amour of physical damage ice thorns deal?

So by default ice thorn is doing physical and cold damage (50/50).

So both physical and cold increases affect ice throns baseline.

If you take the node “Thaw”, ALL of the cold damage will be converted to physical, which means only physical damage will affect Ice Thorns, but it will lose the cold tag.
So anything that affects cold spells will no longer affect it.

TL:DR: If you take “Thaw” Node, any cold affixes/passive will no longer affect Ice Thorns

Thanks, I was getting a bit confused by the passive skill tree. Makes much more sense now, decided to convert my thorn totem to cold damage to compensate :slight_smile:

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