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Ice Thorn Totem Testing Q&A

First, how does the “unsummoned” mechanic work here?

I am wondering if using Tempest Strike to summon your Thorn Totems counts as an unsummon when you summon new ones? I was testing it with the main gain node and I didn’t seem to gain any mana each time I summoned new totems via Tempest. Reading it a bit more seems like you only gain mana if you summon them yourself and not via Tempest.

You have to manually summon the totems to get any mana back from Memories of Eterra node. Won’t proc from Tempest Strike or idols.


Nightshade Briar

Does this get converted to chill chance from poison chance and grant you increased damage per stack of chill on the target? I know it would be capped at 12% as you can only have 3 stacks of chill, but that would still be 12% more damage for 1 point.


I am fairly confident this is going to work as Rotten Core has been changed to frost/cold.

Rotten Core.

Would the poison burst from this node turn into a frost nova type of skill? Also, does this apply while using tempest strike? i.e. Can you continuously summon thorn totems via tempest strike to continuously have this proc?


Yes, it turns into a frost nova that sits in place where the totem was for about 5s with 3/4 Lasting Affliction. Yes, you can summon them each time you resummon thorn totem via Tempest strike.

Now, a bit more discussion.

Rotten Core procs “Poison Burst”, which scales off of poison, spell, and physical. When Rotten Core turns into a frost node via Ice Thorns Totem, it seems that the scaling on this is now cold instead of poison. This means your own personal cold and spell damage applies to it and not minion damage.

For those that have Rotten Core/Poison Nova , can you confirm this to be true on that mechanic? If so, then at what % is it scaled at?