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Ice Thons - Instant Cast

I see some people talk about ice thorns being instant cast? Is that still a thing or was that changed to the cast a second time?

It doesn’t have the instant tag (baseline) and I don’t believe any of the nodes adds that tag.

It’s has a base speed of 1.467 seconds and scales with cast speed.

I think “instant” only if you get a lots of points in magic speed.

You wouldn’t be able to get enough cast speed to make it feel like it’s instant cast. Though I would like to see what it’s like with, say, 1,000% increased cast speed. Even then, the cast animation duration would only go down to ~0.14s.

If you make it the Thorn Shield (not sure about the name) it’s an instant cast iirc.

Nope, still has a casting animation that interrupts movement.