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Ice Summon Spriggan Build - Is it worth a try?

Hello !

I’d like to make a build that use Summon Spriggan as the main source of damage. I tried to make planner using a Cold oriented version, but I’m not sure it’s worth leveling it.
Does anyone has tried it out already ?

I’m not looking for a fast clearing build or something crazy, just trying to make it work will make me happy :smile_cat:
I used some unique items, but not sure that’s BiS here.

That’s my first try on making up my own build, every advices are appreciated :slight_smile:
Here it is: Druid, Level 95 (LE Beta 0.8.4e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Happy New Year ! :confetti_ball:

How do you use warcry? Any skill to proc it?

I plan to use Warcry manualy just for Frosbite / Chill ennemies and give to my Spriggan and me health regen.
It might exist a better skill that fit this build better, any idea ?

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