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Ice Sorcerer Masochist Hardcore SSF+ Detailed Guide

Hi LE community,

I’ve put together a guide for getting as far as possible on the hardest difficulty level in the game. I’ve included details about every zone you will encounter, including which resistances you need, the difficulty level and other tips. Hope this helps!

SSF+ it is my proposed option for adding even more difficulty to the game, and leveling the playing field. If the devs implement this option, the mobs wouldn’t respawn after you kill them when re-entering a zone, and the market could not be refreshed until you complete the next zone. I simulate this in my playthrough by only backtracking when required by quests.

I’m currious how far you will come. Never tried Masochist. Good luck!

It’s an experience, certainly. I’m quite fond of being one-shot by the apprentices with their opening salvo…

Yeah, that happened to me the first time I tried HC Masochist as well. I found that you have to start circling them as soon as you pull aggro or else you are certain to die.

Died at level 30. Was finishing off a mini-boss and thought I was safe outside of his AOE circle, but must have been just in range. Was hoping to get further than my record of level 37 - maybe someday I’ll try it again.

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OK after that disappointing first run, I did a second playthrough and did much better - this time made it to level 56, in the Radiant Dunes. I’ve got the playlist here: Last Epoch - Ice Sorcerer Masochist Hardcore Solo - YouTube