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Ice Branch and poison effectiveness

anyone know for sure if the spriggan Ice Branch allows the poison effectiveness from Rattlesnake Rattlesnake beastmaster passive to be converted into a freeze effectiveness?

It won’t, no. It has to explicitly state it in the node description.

But, as is the case with many (if not all) other conversion scenarios, effectiveness of an ailment isn’t converted. It is generally the base damage and the chance to apply an ailment that is converted,. In the case of non-cold skills converted to cold, they often receive a base freeze rate as well.


:sleepy: i think parts of description are “all sources for all three skills”,
“effects related to poison now depend on frostbite instead” can be a bit misleading

I agree the wording can on occasion sound ambiguous. When a node description says “effects related to poison now depend on frostbite instead” it’s relating to dependencies within the skill tree.

So for instance if there was a node in the Spriggan Form tree that said “Spirit thorns deal x% More damage per stack of Poison on the target”, that node would instead depend on Frostbite stacks.

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