Ice Barrage - Sublimation node


I’m running an Ice Barrage frostbite Sorcerer and I’m a bit confused with the Sublimation node in the tree. It looks like when you take one point in it your shard go far away that is a huge buff for farming. The node increase the size off the shard but doesn’t mention an increased travel time.

My question are :

  • if this feeling is just a feeling or not ?
  • is it a bug ? I don’t want to bug exploit …

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Help !! Feeling alone x)

The tooltip isn’t speaking of any range increase so it might be a bug or the travel time is increased by the factor of enlargment of the bullet like 30% bigger bullet travels 30% further because it’s bigger.

Or it’s just lag.

I’m sure i’m not lagging ^^

I assumed it was the enlargment that improve the travel, I’ll post the information on bug report and confirme if it’s a bug or not :slight_smile: