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Ice Barrage - node FRIGID DOOM

I suggest adding a node that comes from the FRIGID DOOM node.
When Ice Barrage hits an enemy it has a chance to cast Frost-Nova, a cold spell that damages nearby enemies.

The node consists of two items.

  1. Increases the chance of triggering by N%
  2. Frost Nova does not appear around the enemy, but around the character.

The purpose of the node is to strengthen the skill of the Frigid Doom, but to make it more difficult to implement, to make it more risky.

It would almost be enough if the 30% of “Distant Spark” in the Sorcerer’s passive skill tree would also affect “Frigid Doom”.

By the way, I can’t warm up to “Ice Shield” from “Ice Barrage” either, it doesn’t work well enough for me.

And among others “Hypothermia” in combination with “Nailed Shot”, as well as “Aura of Frost” and “Jagged Ice” somehow bring me too little for what they do in the end.

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