Icarian Poison node connection bug

I noticed while leveling lich that the connection node between Mana Blight and Icarian Poison doesn’t allow you to put points into Icarian Poison when you have Mana Blight even though it shows that you have the points necessary.

It is possible to put points into Mana Blight after putting a point into Icarian Poison, so the node connection seems to work one way but not the other. I assume this is not working as intended.

Yeah, there are one or two of these in other skills. Going the “long way around” to get to a node doesnt work.

Thanks for posting. Didnt do a search but I am pretty sure the devs are aware of this particular one too. No word on how they intend to fix them yet tho - i.e. remove the link or fix it to work.

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