I wonder how to play prophecy

I chose prophecy in the constellation, but I can’t even proceed because there’s no guidance on where to do it. Please tell me how.

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It tells you in the prophecy . The middle row shows location. First row kill minions. Second where . Third reward

Question is, can you find location on the map? Say, I don’t know where Sanctum of the Architect is… can I jump to that location, search for it in game?

Before the Lagon fight in campaign

But you have to look it up on web and probably won’t remember it next time.

After 5 years of bèta i know the locations . But for new people i see its a problem. Maybe right click on prophecy and it shows the location like the dungeon keys.

This is very much a problem for people knew to the game…i just found this post by googling it because i didnt know where to go to do it because i didnt know where the sanctum of the architect was…