I will add to the list....where's my bloody cursor

I know this has been raised many times before…and seemingly ignored. I don’t think elementatary gameply should require an add-on (Yollo) just to see the damn cursor. This is especially an issue in the echoes where you clear multiple waves…cursor is basically unfindable and has resulted in a number of unwarranted deaths ( I also run a minion necro so there are many critters around). This is really a basic engine shortcoming that needs to be addressed.


This happens to me in almost every ARPG and especially in bright areas like snow zones. Still waiting for someone to make a super obvious hard to lose cursor!


Thanks for the reply. I have played the genre for many years and it IS issue prevalent in a lot of the games mainly though to a lesser extent. I just find it irritating that in this day and age with all the “doohickies” and “thingamajigs” (notice the highly technical terms) available to devs in graphics, especially with the newer graphics cards, that a fundamental issue like clearly displaying the cursor still exists as a problem. Like I said above…it shouldn’t be an issue and needs to be addressed.

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