I was wrong about wards ruining the game

I genuinely believe that ward is a good mechanic and that it gives a feeling that the game is more balanced when I play with it.

The concept is also good, sacrificing HP to have a robust shield is an interesting idea.
For a caster.

It doesn’t make any sense for everyone to use the mechanic of sacrificing HP for shield for mandatory balancing reasons.

My forge guard has 3000 HP and generates about 3000 to 5000 ward on hits.

I would prefer to have 7k,8,9k HP and play solely based on healing and life steal instead of being forced to use items that sacrifices HP and that have no theme whatsoever with the melee classes that I like to play with.

Ward is a bit to strong right now yes. Pre-launch aiming for 3-4k life was the meta and matching that with ward was actually difficulty.

After the ward buffs we are seeing 8-12k ward which is a little high. Honestly, I think the issue is the life only mechanic, endurance, is so hard to stack as it competes with life on suffix slots. If life builds had better access to stacking endurance, I think that would be a good fix as %60 damage reduction on 4k life is 10K EHP.


i rather have high HP instead of focusing on endurance

And I would rather have immunity to DOT than ward per second, but you have to make due with what is available. It’s the magic of ARPGS.

huge HP sounds better than low HP with high endurance, even thou the results are the same.

Thats an opinion, damage reduction is better than high HP because it makes life leach stronger as the amount leach is based off damage not HP threshhold.

If life leech is based off damage why it would be “stronger” because of endurance? i didn’t get it.

Because if you heal 1000 life per second and have 4000 HP you leach %25 of your HP per second. However, if you had 1000 HP and %75 damage reduction you have 4K EHP and leach %100 of your life per second.

I get this point, but this calculation is not measuring the fact that monsters need to hit 1000 to kill X and 4000 to kill Y.

It’s all about how quickly 1000 gets to 0 and 4000 gets to 0.

Monsters need to hit for 4k to kill both. A monster has to hit for 4000 damage to kill 4K hp or 1K hp with %75 damage reduction.

Monster Hit 4000 vs 4000 HP
4000-4000 = 0

Monster hit 4000 vs 1000 HP %75 damage reduction.
4000/.75 = 1000 - 1000 = 0

Whats interesting is the time to kill. A monster that hits for 2000 damage a second will kill 4k HP that leaches 1000 HP a second in 4 seconds.

A 1k HP %75 damage build that gets hit for 2000 damage a second will HEAL 500 HP/second vs that same monster.

I understood your point better.
There really is meaning.

But this calculation still does not measure that life leech does not work with HP cap.
If the leech exceeds the hp CAP, all exceeded values ​​will be discarded.

While with a higher HP it will be more difficult to lose leech due to the HP cap.

Life leach is not instant it is applied over 4 seconds and stacks infinitely. If you leach %5 of your damage as HP you only need to hit for 5,000 damage per second to maintain 1000 health per second leach.

4(5,000 x .05) = 1,000 HP per second.

4k HP leech heals more than 1k HP/75% DR.

If you have 700 HP and heals 500 per second, you healed 300 if you have 1000HP CAP.
If you have 3500 HP and heals 500 per second, you healed 500 if you have 4000HP CAP.

Am i wrong about that?

You aren’t wrong about leach you just are not calculating for effective HP (EHP).

At 700 HP you would need %80 damage reduction to have a 3500 EHP
3500 x .2 = 700

The difference is you need to leach 3500 HP back to restore your life to full at 3500 HP and only 700 HP to restore your life back to %100 despite both 700 HP %80 DR and 3500 life having the same EHP.

I’ve been saying this since the beginning, the ward is the ONLY defense here that works, it’s not the problem, the real problem is why the other defenses perform so poorly in the game, MAINLY for the meele.
This game is VERY reminiscent of D3 with its desire to think that things that exploit the player 100~0 in one hit are difficult, deverted… they are not, especially if it is an ARGP, games like soul are nixo and die in weeks, no one comes back To repeat this shit, ARPG has seasons where you repeat the content many, many times so what counts in the end is that the gameplay is fluid, if the defenses don’t work you have to keep dancing and always fighting from a distance, in a few weeks you get sick of it game and NEVER COME BACK. We were warned about this in d3, we were warned about this in D4, when players started bleeding they responded with powercreep which is much worse.
This game is good, it has a decent 1.0, but it needs to make the defenses functional, when my BM reduces damage 30% class, 32% boar aspect, 60% endurance, 75% res, 70% armor, 20% items, out block and dodge and STILL take a HK, something is very wrong in the game.

Beast Masters can reduce damage a lot further than %30 at low life with endurance and the berserker passives you have %68 percent DR without armor. With %50 armor you have %84 damage reduction which means if you have 3000 health you have 8,250 EHP.

Yes you are right about leech healing faster to 100% a HP with low cap.

But considering different damage rates, high damage, varied damage, etc.
The leech will heal more those with higher HP.

If you have 500 leech per second, with 1k HP in cap, you lose leech if you take a hit from 40% of your pool.
If you have 500 leech per second with 4k HP and take 40% damage in your total pool, your leech will work 100%.

In most scenarios it will be the same, but in some different damage cadences, the situation will occur where the player with 1k HP will die receiving multiple hits of 40% per swing while the one with 4k HP will survive in the same situation. Because 1k HP is not leeching 100% while most of the time 4k HP is leeching 100%.

and still suffers an HK, but with ward you can easily get something like 20k+

8k-12k is actually a more realistic amount when using Last Steps of the living, Exsanguinous, and the Experimental modifier on gloves. 20k+ is usually only hit on a fast-attacking mage with ward per hit or a Paladin (and paladin is due to a bug that makes healing effect apply to ward gained). The warlock profane bug is being fixed so amounts in the 60K+ are no longer achievable.

Once all the unintended interactions are fixed, I imagine 8-12k ward will be the standard for those who spec into it. Although I will admit this is a bit too high in beta 4-6k life/ward was considered the goal.

I think what will happen is ward will be nerfed to about 4-6k to be at par with life and both ward and life will get one-shot past 500 corruption. After the nerf you, all will still complain though so nothing will really change.

Wudijo is currently playing a life-based Beast Master with 3800 HP in 700+ corruption on Hard Core for what it’s worth and it’s a no pet melee-based build.