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I want to know how to caculate attack speed of channelled Flurry?

how it works with the weapon base attack speed or increase attack speed% ?
e.g: if i use a 1.05 base speed bow , and i have 60% increase attack speed in total from all my gears,how many projectiles i shoot per second when i use channelled flurry?

That 1.05 is a multiplier for the attack speed, which isn’t mentioned anywhere in the game though someone did work it out but I can’t remember what figure they came up with.

That said, the channelled node for flurry removes the pause between each “batch” of 3 attacks which I think is the 1.2s that dammitt’s build planner has if you hit Alt.

As I understand it, there are two numbers at play:

  • 0.7s “cast time” which is how long it takes to do all 3 hits at base, this should be affected by your attack speed. So if you had 100% attack speed it would take 0.7 / (1 + 100%) = 0.35s to fire off all 3 hits.
  • 1.2s “cast delay” which I believe is the delay between the first hit of 2 different “uses” of flurry. I assume this is also affected by attack speed & so at default it would take you 0.7s to fire off the 3 hits of a single use of Flurry, then there would be an additional 0.5s delay (1.2-0.7) between the final hit from your first Flurry & the first hit of your second Flurry (assuming you’re just holding the button down).

The “cast delay” is what gets removed by the channelling node, so you go straight from the final hit of the first flurry to the first hit of the second.

Therefore, your “hits per unit time” would be 3 / (0.7 / (1 + (total % increased attack speed x bow attack speed implicit))) multiplied by the game’s base “hits per second”.

Using your numbers, that would be 3 / (0.7 / (1 + (0.6 x 1.05))) = ~7 hits per “unit time”, multiplied by the number of hits the game does per second.

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i got u point,thx man. and I have more question if u dont mind.

1 I was confused , should it be 3/(0.7/((1+0.6)*1.05 ))
according to what u mentioned up there?

2 The “cast time” of flurry is 0.7s as u said, is it a constant?

3 The game guide mentioned that channelled skill wont take benefit from " +%cast speed" or " +%attack speed ",did channelles Flurry is a bug or something special?

4 Is there a cap of channelled Flurry attack speed? When i equip a 1.05 bow and get above +80% attack speed, i feel like there 's on difference
whether i proc arrow storm(+60%attack speed for 3s
,cd 10s)or not.

Yup, damned brackets…

It’s the base, which is modified by attack speed.

Channelled flurry & Warpath do benefit from attack speed, channelled spells don’t benefit from cast speed.

Not sure if there’s a cap but there will certainly be diminishing returns which is what you’re likely seeing.


CGG updated to reflect to this.


Thank u, it is a great help.
I m gonna test if there is a cap and where the cap is. Is there a console or something like that in this game? How to open it? If there is one , the testing will be much easier then.

Not that we have access to, no.

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According to my test by eye, I ve found that it wasnt the “cap” working, it was the passive “arrow storm” not working.

Whether I use 1.1 1.05 0.98 0.92 base attack rate bow, nor I have +0% +20% +40% +60% attack speed total from all my gears and passives, it only influence my channelled FLURRY attack speed from beginning to the end (i keep hitting dummy
for about 15s ),but when the arrow storm is proc, i dont feel any difference in every circumstances i ve mentiond above.

And i found a situation: if u press your FLURRY skill button down all along, u can only proc arrow storm once , even if the cool down was over , it wont be proc again , unless u let the button up and press it down again.

Yes, Arrow Storm is an “on use” effect, like lethal cadence, which only counts starting a channelled flurry as a use. This is how all channelled skills work in this regard.

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