I want see my dmg

1.I would like to see my dmg in %. I have the “lightning and physic” skill. I need to know my dmg is 50% light 50% physic or maybe 75% lighting and 25% physic. I have to know what points take.
2. I need statistics with “+x to attack”. I see + 5 to necro dmg, ok but i want know how many i have every necro( and others) “+x” I would need that statistic

Agreed with topic. It would be cool to get more customiseable info about the damage dealt, maybe like how loot filters work. It’s also very hard to see any numbers right now, especially if you do an attack that hits twice (Puncture + Multishot), so both numbers are overlayed by each other.

Yea I can’t seem to be able to know the Critical Strike chance of a specific skill (you get flat crit on some specific skills that isn’t factored in your character status), how much damage of each element it can deal (as stated before). I guess any information in the character window should be able to be gathered on a per-skill basis like Path of Exile.

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